Jeanette and RingoEstablished in the Fall of 2016, J Creations Pet Art is based in Chandler, Arizona.  Three friends working in the Veterinary business together – One Veterinarian Jeannette, One Technician Julie, One Receptionist/Office Manager Liz –  found they had more in common than just Veterinary Medicine.  As they were working to help pets and nurture the human-animal bonds between their clients and their wonderful pets, they realized that they all loved ART and the joy art brings to people.

With Julie and Jeannette, being artistic in nature, they started creating personalized pet portraits for their Veterinary clients, as memorials and keepsakes.  From canvas portraits, they branched out to wine glasses, pint glasses, and even pet-themed jewelry!   All items are personalized with images and things specific to individual pets.  They also found that people not only wanted memorial items, but personalized items of pets that they still have!

Liz, being technically minded, arranged to have the website built and opened accounts to help J Creations Pet Art grow.

While they are still working in Veterinary Medicine, Jeannette & Julie continue to grow their passion for Art!  Liz has moved on to a career in vet med herself, but we will always be thankful for her help in starting our endeavor!

The goal of J Creations Pet Art is to give people wonderful treasures of their pets that are highly personalized to bring out the individuality of each pet; Treasures that warm the heart of their humans, and portray their human-animal bond.  With each piece they create, they share in the love of the pets and their humans.


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