*All J Creations Pet Art products are individually hand-crafted for your pets. None of the J Creations Pet

Art products are factory-machined and/or copied. Each piece is created by your personal artist making

the product unique and special. Every product is original, meaning there will not be another one like it

in the world, even if you want two of the same product.

*All images for Pet Canvases are cut and mounted by hand.

*The final print quality for Special Effect art is determined by the quality of YOUR image, and you agree

to hold harmless J Creations Pet Art for quality changes due to enlargement of your image or edited image.

*Dimensions listed for canvas products are the dimensions of the canvas itself. The actual print size may vary

depending on differences in camera, settings, effect processes and/or whether or not the image has been cropped prior to upload.

*Color swatches on our color pallet page may differ slightly from the actual color of the paint due to differences in color

settings on phones, tablets, p.c.s etc.

*Each image on tote bags, glasses, mugs, dishes and Caricature Canvases are painted

by hand to capture the unique attributes of your pet. These cannot be replicated, even by our own


*While we strive to make the perfect piece for you, Due to the fact these are completely hand-made,

in your art pieces, you may see including, but not limited to:

— brush strokes

— tiny flaws

— slightly imperfect lines and spacing

— increases in pixelation due to enlarging of image

— tiny air bubbles, etc…

— we will work with you to make any changes (within reason) to make your piece a treasure for you!

— if you are not satisfied in any way, please let us know.

We love the individuality that is put into each creation and we want you to love it too!

By using J Creations Pet Art you agree to allow us to use pictures of your products for advertising, marketing and social media.

Please click “I Agree” to have us get started on your Creations when on the registration page!

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